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May 17, 2014



Adina Diaz

 About Adina

Adina Diaz began her journey in the skincare industry over ten years ago. She was trained at an acclaimed natural and holistic skincare school in her home state of Arizona. She has had the opportunity to work with a number of skincare gurus and has been educated by the best in the field. Although Adina comes from a natural, holistic background she has the inimitable ability to uncover the synergy between both natural and medicinal practices.

She has worked along side numerous renowned doctors both in spa and surgical settings. Adina has been a loyal representative of Lotus Moon Skincare for over ten years and has frequently traveled across America educating both the professional and the curious on skincare and health. Everything she does is green but never short of glamorous! Her mission is not only to educate people about skincare but also about natural and green healthy alternatives. She proudly stands behind all of the Eco-Beauty and Eco-Friendly product lines and ingredients that she uses. Miss Diaz currently resides in Los Angeles and has her own studio in the heart of Beverly Hills 90210.

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